Every parent would like to take care of his/her child. As long as he/she can, he/she holds his/her hands and then when the child becomes an adult, the parent let his/her hands and looks at his/her own steps in the world. The parents of the young people living with disabilities feel the same. However, their children get rarely chance for independent life because in Hungary there are only a few small headcount residental homes where they can find friends among their age group and home if their parents, relatives will be elderly.

We imagine a happy future in a quiet street of Kaposszekcső (village) in Tolna country.

In the 160 m2, 3-storeyed family house with 5 double and 2 single rooms with a spacious living room, a dining kitchen, and a bathroom designed specially for handicapped people, landscaped yard, garden, fruit trees serve the comfort of the people living there.

Szeretlak Kaposszekcsőn

Speciális lakóotthon nyílik Kaposszekcsőn. A SzeretLak névre keresztelt intézmény 12 fogyatékossággal élő fiatal számára biztosít majd önálló életet. A megyében elsőként hoztak létre támogatott lakhatású otthont a halmozottan hátrányos helyzetű, sérült fiataloknak. #kaposszekcső #fogyatékosséggalélő #hátrányoshelyzetűfiatal

Közzétette: Tolnatáj Televízió – Tolnatáj Tv – 2018. október 6., szombat

There are no great distances within the settlement so grocery stores, bus stop, churches, village house, doctor’s office, council, schools, artificial-grassed football field, gym are easy to reach.

There is a bicycle path connection with Dombovar and with the neighboring settlement: Csikostottos as well. This is very important because by the special bicycles transport becomes possible. Yes, even with a wheelchair too.

The dreamer of Szeretlak is a father, Teibert Csaba (Csaba Teibert) who primarily would like to know that his son is in safety hands. He felt that he takes control of things and he designes such home for his son where he can live a worthy, liveable life in demanding conditions besides a continous nursing care supervision. There was no possibility to apply for a grant as a civil organization, the house was privately funded with meticulous attention to the details: barrier-free environment, wheelchair-assessible ramp, a spacious bathroom, more kinds of patient lift equipment, power-saving operation.

In every room there are new furnitures, liftable nursing beds and option for TV-connections. The modern electric floor heating and the other power consumption device are supplied by the solar system equipped to the roof.

The whole house and its environment is for the comfort of residents and nursing staff.

Szeretlak received permission to operate in December 2018 and the first occupants moved in the house in 2019.

There are limited number of free places in the house.

We are looking for fellow parents who would like to take care of their child living with disabilities so that they can choose the child’s home and not the state should automatically place the disabled young person, people somewhere in the contry where there is a free bed at the moment.” (Teibert Csaba)

We provide temporary placement (1-2 weeks) for those handicapped young people who are raised in a family and the parents would like to relax or they need hospital treatement and care because of their health problems.

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